1. Who we are and what are the responsibilities?
    We are a clothing Buying agency from Bangladesh. We take care of production and delivery on behalf of customers, We work with our customers to provide a range of services including access to facilities partner factories, design teams, merchandising, product development, quality control, on-time shipment, and compliance services.
  2. Is there a minimum order quantity?
    As a matter of principle, we do not want to refuse any customer due to the low quantity. Since production is always dependent on several sub-suppliers, we cannot make decisions on our own. A minimum order quantity of 3000 pieces is common in Bangladesh.
  3. Do you also produce branded clothes?
    Yes, if the customer is authorized to do so. If the customer wants to produce his own label, no authorization is required.
  4. What payment methods do you use?
    We gladly accept Documentary Credit (L/C) At Sight, Telegraphic Transfer (TT) ETC.
  5. Where is the clothing produced?
    The clothing is produced in Bangladesh and exported to Europe, USA and worldwide. The orders, handover of the samples, measurement data and other details and all communications are processed Bangladesh office and Germany office.
  6. Is a certificate of origin also supplied?
    Yes, the presentation of a certificate of origin is anchored in the letter of credit. A certificate of origin for the customs authorities is always included so that our customers in Germany and Europe do not have to pay any customs duties.
  7. Do you also supply certificates?
    Yes, if requested by the customer, we can supply certificates such as OEKO – Tex 100.
  8. What is the production time?
    For example, for knitwear such as t-shirts, polo shirts, leggings, etc., we claim a production time of 60 days after the letter of credit is issued. For woven goods such. B. pants, shirts, jackets made of denim and gabardine, we usually take 90 days. In urgent cases, a shortened production time can be considered.
  9. Why do you produce in Bangladesh?
    Because of low prices and highest quality through professionalism. Bangladesh now ranks second in the world after China for countries that export textiles. The textile industry is constantly growing.
  10. How high is your trustworthiness?
    We left that to our customers. We can only say one thing, we rely on the highest level of professionalism and we are bound by strict national and international rules.
  11. How many subcontractors are involved in production?
    A lot. For example, fabric manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, fabric finishers, packaging manufacturers, etc. All are well networked. We coordinate them all and get the best quality out of them.
  12. Is it also possible to make a direct bank transfer?
    reluctant. Since we work with several sub-suppliers, it is time-consuming for us to make payments to each individual sub-supplier in advance by bank transfer. The entire system states that the service is only provided against a payment guarantee such as a documentary credit. We are therefore happy to accept documentary letters of credit. This is a safe way for everyone involved. As it says in plain language with the documentary letter of credit, first the delivery and then the payment.
  13. What happens if the goods are delivered damaged?
    The carrier’s insurance is liable for damage during delivery.
  14. How are the goods transported to worldwide?
    By sea from Chittagong (Bangladesh) to worldwide and By air.
  15. What does a forwarding agency do for me?
    The commissioned forwarding agency organizes the transport of goods. We hand over the goods to the goods acceptance point nominated by the forwarding agent at the seaport of Chittagong. The freight forwarder picks up the goods from there and brings them to the address in any seaport or airport requested by the customer.
  16. Do you have your own forwarding agency?
    No But at the request of the customer, We have own sourcing forwarding agency so we can provide from our own sourcing.
  17. Who bears the transport costs for the forwarding agent?
    Usually the customer himself from the seaport of Chittagong to the seaport of Hamburg or further to the desired address. We hand over the goods at our expense by FOB to the goods acceptance point nominated by the forwarding agent at the seaport of Chittagong.
  18. What is FOB?
    The international term FOB (Freight on Board) means that the supplier himself is responsible for transporting the goods from the factory to the goods receiving point of the forwarding agent commissioned by the customer at the loading port.
  19. How do I make a letter of credit?
    The bank advises on this. If both parties agree on the price, quality, quantity and delivery time of the goods, the customer can contact his bank to arrange a letter of credit (payment guarantee).
  20. When will production start?
    After receipt of the letter of credit by our bank.
  21. What is the role of your bank?
    After receipt of the letter of credit, our bank commissions us with the production and shipping and requests all documents such as invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, etc. and forwards them to the customer bank, which is responsible for releasing the amount of the letter of credit based on the complete documents.
  22. Do I have to pay customs duties in Germany or Europe for the goods?
    If a certificate of origin is available, you do not have to pay any customs duties in Germany or Europe. Because Bangladesh is one of the export countries for whose textiles customers from Germany Or Europe do not have to pay customs duties for textile imports.
  23. Do you sell ready-made clothing?
    no We produce according to customer requirements. We produce according to samples, designs, measurement data and descriptions provided by customers.
  24. Is the substance to be used produced or sourced from the open market? For example, are the buttons engraved with your own brands or are they bought ready-made?
    The fabric is knitted or woven in factories of the sub-suppliers. Another sub-supplier undertakes the dyeing or printing of the fabrics. In the factories of another subcontractor, for example, the buttons desired by the customer are produced or engraved and the labels are printed accordingly. For example, another factory is responsible for packaging materials, which among other things produces the boxes and labels them according to the customer’s instructions.
  25. Isn’t the whole procedure complicated?
    no All factories are well networked and have competent employees. Thanks to modern communication technology such as WhatsApp, e-mail, video call, etc. and responsible working methods, everything is simplified.
  26. How can the customer know that the fabric to be used and other accessories such as buttons, zippers, printing or embroidery are correct?
    After the development of all materials to be used, they are first presented to the customer by e-mail for verification. Corrections will be requested and will be adapted to customer requirements. The materials are only used after the approval and satisfaction of the customers and we send Trims Card from Buyer , After developed all accessories then we send to Customer by DHL or TNT, Sedex ETC.
  27. Are there monitoring bodies where one can complain if a delivery is not made on time or even fails?
    The customer’s bank monitors the entire procedure and ensures that all the conditions of the letter of credit are met. If all conditions of the credit are not met, or if all delivery documents are not available, the bank will not make any payment. The Bank may take legal action against suppliers and sub-suppliers.
  28. Can I cancel an order?
    Of course, but only until a letter of credit is issued.
  29. Do I have to pay for sample production?
    You don’t have to pay anything up to a certain amount. Should the sample be produced from similarly available material at the initial stage and the customer bears the cost of the courier service, it is not a problem for us to submit samples repeatedly.
  30. Are there samples of the correct, desired material?
    Yes, but only after the order has been confirmed, as the fabric and accessories are only produced by subcontractors after the order has been confirmed.
  31. Is it possible to cancel an order after a sample production from similarly available material?
    Of course. Repeated sample production from similar available material is always free if customer pays courier cost. There is no obligation to buy or order.